Our Family of Waikiki Surf Instructors

Meet Hawaii’s most talented team of Waikiki Surf Instructors. Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. We don’t have employees so much as we have Ohana. Everyone from the driver to the bookkeeper in our company surfs. We surf together, with our family, with our friends, with our students, with a fierce aloha … and that’s what we want to share.

Our Surfing Coaches and Guides are CPR, First aid, Life guard certified through the American Red Cross: safetyservicesus.com, hawaiibeachsafety.com


Meet the Ohana Surf Project Team:

In the Water:

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Sean Anderson

With a lifetime of surfing experience, including surfing professionally, Sean specializes in empowering those who have unique concerns in the water.

Jena-Noelani Anderson

“Jennyfish” is a non-competitive ‘soul surfer’ who enjoys gliding and flowing over waves and loves working with younger surfers.

James Donnelly

James has been surfing for over 20 years and teaching lessons for over 10. He is an avid supporter of the Make-A-Wish foundation. He also speaks Japanese.

Kevin Jang

Kevin fell in love with riding waves at a young age, and now is versatile in surfing, SUP and of course his first love: body boarding. He also speaks Korean.

Keola Kaeo

Bio coming soon.

Matt Kato

Matt was born and raised on Oahu and grew up on the east side in Kaneohe. Matt’s stoke for surfing and his aloha are felt by his students, coworkers, and friends alike.

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea has a remarkable way of making her students — and kids in particular — feel happy and at home in the water. She also speaks Spanish.

Kainoa McGee

Kainoa has taught, coached, and competed in the surf for over a decade and he’s the only surfer in the world to compete professionally in surfing, stand-up paddling, and body boarding.

Troy Sunderland

Troy’s confidence both in and out of the water helps relax the students and makes them feel more comfortable while learning how to surf and navigate the ocean waters.

On  Land:

o   Kelly Cornut
o   Keir Degnan-Wall
o   Jessica Dickson
o   Susan Geraci
o   Jenny Jones
o   Valerie Rubio
o   Sophie Truen
o   Sara Untalan

Our Seasonal/Part-Time Team:

Jayden Faleafine

Bio coming soon.

Danny Powell

Bio coming soon.


We offer free pick-up in our Surf School Bus vehicles from Waikiki!



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