Troy Sunderland Waikiki Surf Instructor

Kids and dogs love Troy!  It’s not uncommon to see Troy with a kid on his back or dog on the deck of his board as he glides effortlessly across a wave.  Troy grew up on the east side of Oahu, spending much of his time in the water.  His level of comfort in the water is contagious and helps the students gain confidence in themselves, in their instructor and in their ability to catch waves.  Furthermore, he is patient, personal, humorous and easy to communicate with, all qualities necessary in your surf coach to have an awesome surfing experience.  Very likable, he gets along well with people of all countries, ages, backgrounds, etc.

Troy has been teaching lessons for 10 years and also has years of experience in surf lesson photography.  He’s taught lessons on all sides of the island and in all types of conditions.  Troy is comfortable riding on any water vessel, from a short board to a sail boat … any size, shape, density, he can ride it and make it look effortless!