Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals WaikikiRentals come with basic verbal instruction, and are for all levels of skill. Private/Group lessons are available from one of our certified instructors by appointment.

The appeal of SUP is that it offers a variable level of intensity. Cruising on a stand up paddleboard can mean anything from a gentle drift across a glassy shoreline, to a heart pounding drop on an overhead set.

At the beach, boarders often paddle out to sea to catch the biggest waves; but it’s equally suitable for small children to play in the whitewash or ripples.

SUP is probably the only activities which can be equally enjoyable for both senior citizens and extreme sports junkies.

Though SUP is simple to learn, it’s a fantastic form of exercise. The gentle turning motion as you move your paddle strengthens your core muscles, especially the obliques, and back. Your shoulders and arms work to propel your body weight with the paddle, and your legs are constantly tensed to keep your body upright.