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With roots in the Pacific Islands, bodyboarding today is a popular, accessible water sport.  Bodyboards are smaller and softer than typical surfboards and are designed for primarily riding in prone and dropped knee position.

Waikiki body board student.If you’re looking to set off on Waikiki’s crystalline waters, seek out Ohana Surf Project’s Waikiki bodyboard rentals. With affordable pricing and high-quality boards for both beginners and advanced, OSP invites first-time and experienced boarders alike to step off the beach and into the water. Discover all that our Waikiki bodyboard rentals have to offer by contacting us today.

Bodyboard Rentals at Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

While basic bodyboarding techniques are easy to pick up, this heart-pumping water sport also offers advanced boarders the challenge of performing tricks and maneuvers while riding waves. At the Ohana Surf Project, our Waikiki bodyboard rentals offer the following benefits:

  • Affordable rates
  • Wide variety of boards for both beginner and advanced
  • Brands include BullyBoards and Triad
  • Basic instruction on selection and use of rental

If you’re looking to expand your bodyboarding skill set, consider signing up for bodyboarding lessons taught by our certified instructors. We customize each lesson to your skill level, from beginner to advanced, in order to help you learn the techniques, tricks and methods of this fun water sport.

Whether you’re looking to rent a bodyboard for a day or for the week, Ohana Surf Project offers reasonable rental prices, so you can enjoy the time spent on beautiful Waikiki Beach. Rentals are first come first serve.  Call us at 808-599-SURF (7873) for more details. For extended and weekly rentals, we provide drop-off and pick-up from your hotel for an additional fee.


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We offer free pick-up in our Surf School Bus vehicles from Waikiki!


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