Surfing Lessons

All surfers share a common sensation that simply can’t be explained in words. After your very first wave, you’ll share it, too. Our mission is to help you experience that sensation. To reach the next level of performance. To enhance your total surfing experience through smart instruction in a personal environment.

Our surfing lessons in Waikiki are customized to fit any experience level and learning style. They are crafted individually for the beginning surfer who wants to test the waters for the very first time, for the intermediate surfer looking to improve on fundamentals or take on more challenging waves and maneuvers, and for the advanced professional level surfer who is on the search for a competitive edge or simply to push themselves to their own personal limits.

Our lessons for beginners will teach you the basic elements of the sport to get you up and riding —surfing etiquette, water safety, body positioning, board handling and positioning, paddling, and getting up on your feet.

For our advanced students, the instruction takes on a refined direction that matches your riding style — correcting ‘bad habits’, identifying strengths and weaknesses in technique, competitive strategies, and surfing bigger waves.

Most importantly, all students will receive instruction that acknowledges the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements that make surfing such a unique and beautiful sport. You’ll learn how to connect with the ocean environment, recognize wave energy, and surf to express your personality.

Expect each lesson to be customized to your skill level. All prices include surfboards and all the equipment you need to get up and ride. All you have to bring is is your swim suit or board shorts, towel, sunscreen and change of clothes.

One surfer is enough. Two surfers is an occasion. Three surfers is a party. Team Ohana’s group lesson option is an affordable way to get friends together to help everyone become better surfers. Our group lessons offer that perfect mix of individual attention in a team environment. Everyone improves and everyone has fun.

With a low student-to-teacher ratio and low rates, our group surfing lessons are perfect for classmates, roommates, staff team-building, or memorable events. All you need to bring is yourselves and your enthusiasm — we’ll do the rest. Our expert instructors will create multi-student instructional plans that maximize safety and fun.

The group lesson is a great option for the beginner surfer. Students must be at least 13 years of age and older and must be able to swim. Students will be grouped together with a ratio of one (1) instructor for every four (4) students. All instructors in the group lesson work together to maximize safety and fun.

2-Hour Group Lesson participants- $90

1-Hour Group Lesson participants- $60




More attention, more assistance, more flexibility … a great option for young children, non-swimmers, special needs, and those who have moved beyond the beginner surf lesson.

Your accomplished surfing instructor will focus on you and you alone – your talents, strengths and weaknesses, goals and experience. This is the perfect lesson for those who would like to take their surfing to the next level. This level of instruction is designed for students who may be hesitant to try surfing or may require more assistance. We specialize in helping students of all shapes, sizes and abilities experience the love of surfing.

Private lessons are great for beginner surfers who want personalized one on one instruction, children, those with special needs and intermediate surfers and are available for all ages. To improve affordability, we have created an exclusive private group option for friends or family that want to join the student during the lesson. The student has the option to book a private lesson and then add additional participants at a reduced rate. Private lessons are available for both one (1) hour and two (2) hour sessions.

1-Hour Private Lessons- $120
Can add on more students ($70/additional person) to your private lesson to make it an Exclusive Private Group
2-Hour Private Lessons- $175
Can add on more students ($90/additional person) to your private lesson to make it an Exclusive Private Group



Surfing Lessons Waikiki

Develop hidden talent. Strengthen the bonds between families. Encourage personal discipline. Teach lasting commitment. And do it all through a simple but exhilarating connection with the ocean environment.

There are few activities that offer genuine life-changing experiences for the entire family quite like surfing. Give them the opportunity to experience the joys of surfing and your Ohana will thank you long after the boards have been stored for the winter.

And to help offset the expenses of bringing the whole family to Hawaii, we’ve created a family package that’s affordable, safe, and fun for everyone. The base family lesson covers one adult and one child, with the option to add additional family members at a reduced rate. Family lessons are available for both one (1) hour and two (2) hour sessions.

Includes one adult and one child, 12 and under.

1-Hour Family Packages- $165
Price includes 1 adult and 1 child under 13. You can add on more family members after the 1st adult & child
2-Hour Family Packages- $240
Price includes 1 adult and 1 child under 13. You can add on more family members after the 1st adult & child


For those surfers that love what they do and are ready to do it at a higher level, Team Ohana’s professional lessons are the natural choice. We’re talking about advanced instruction in the art of surfing, stand-up paddling, or body boarding and delivered by accomplished teachers dedicated to maximizing your potential. Keep in mind that professional lessons are not just for professionals or competition surfers. The pro surfers of Ohana will create a personalized instruction plan designed to enhance your skills, keep you safe in the water, and maximize your enjoyment of the sport you love. And, if you end up taking first prize in your next competition — well, that’s ok, too. Professional lessons are appropriate for all skill levels — particularly for intermediate and advanced surfers working to improve technique or those considering competitive participation. Professional lessons are available for surfing, stand-up paddling, and body boarding in 90-minute or 2 and 1/2 -hour lessons that include a 15-minute pre-lesson briefing and a 15-minute post-lesson debriefing.


Surfing Lessons Waikiki