Hawaii Surf Gear

Whether you’re getting ready to ride some waves or looking for a souvenir to remember your Waikiki experience, Ohana Surf Project’s surfing gear shop offers a full range of clothing and accessories. Browse our items below to see the Hawaii surfing gear we sell, and then purchase merchandise through our online store.

Ohana Surf Project Clothing

Protect your skin from rashes, uncomfortable chafing and the sun’s harmful rays with an OSP rash guard, which features the Ohana Surf Project logo on a red or black background. After the lesson, you can relax in an OSP T-shirt or cozy up in an OSP hoodie. To shield your eyes from the sun, pick out an Ohana Surf Project baseball cap or trucker hat, which are available in different styles and colors.

Ohana Surf Project Accessories

Besides clothing, we offer a full range of accessories, including towels, sunscreen, water bottles, stickers and magnets, all adorned with the Ohana Surf Project logo. To help you remember your surfing, paddle boarding or body boarding experience, we also have photo and video packages available for purchase before or after your lesson.

Order Online

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one or your entire family, gift certificates for lessons are available for purchase at our online surfing gear shop. After making your selections, you can choose from two delivery options – free pickup at the OSP tent or shipping (delivery charges may apply). To learn more about the Ohana Surf Project, our surfing, paddle boarding or body boarding lessons or our surfing gear, get in touch with our dedicated team by phone or via online form.

OSP Rashguard- $40

Color(s): Red, Black

OSP Men’s T-Shirt $20

Color(s): Blue, Grey

OSP Women’s T-Shirt $20

Color(s): Blue

OSP Youth T-Shirt $20

Color(s): Grey

OSP SSB T-Shirt $20

Color(s): Black

OSP Hydroflask- $40

Color(s): Blue

OSP Hoodie $50

Color(s): Black, Navy, Grey

OSP Trucker Hat $20

Color(s): Navy, Grey, Yellow

OSP Fitted Hat $20

Color(s): Blue, Grey

OSP Towel $40

Color(s): Yellow

OSP Water Bottle $3

Color(s): Yellow

Photo & Video $20-$150

Photo & Video Packages

OSP Sticker $1

OSP Logo Sticker 4 x 4 Inches

OSP Magnet $2

OSP Logo Magnet 4 x 4 Inches

Sunscreen $14-$18

Little Hands Eco-Friendly Sunscreen


We offer free pick-up in our Surf School Bus vehicles from Waikiki!


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