Jena-Noelani AndersonWaikiki Surf Instructor

Jena-Noelani Anderson (jennyfish)has been surfing since she was two years old when she started paddling out with her dad and began catching her first waves. She grew up at surf school and began helping out on lessons when she was still just a grommet. ‘Jennyfish’ began formally teaching lessons when she was only 14, working closely with her father and other top-notch instructors.

Jena-Noelani is a non-competitive ‘soul surfer’ who enjoys gliding and flowing over waves — as opposed to simply ripping them apart. Quiet and soft-spoken, Jena-Noelani loves coaching and teaching in the surf. She has a great deal of experience with surf camps, group and private lessons, and she particularly enjoys working with other girls and kids her own age and younger.