Sean Anderson Waikiki Surf Instructor

Sean has a lifetime of surfing experience, including surfing professionally on the ASP, PSAA, and the ASP East pro surfing tours. He has over 20 years of coaching and teaching surfing experience to his credit and is the creator of the ‘Level Up’ system of surf instruction. In addition to surfing, he practices and teaches Kung Fu and other martial arts, which he began studying when he was just five years old. Sean incorporates martial arts-based philosophical and technical approaches into his surfing and coaching fundamentals.

The typical surfing lesson with Sean typically ends up being much more than just a typical surfing lesson — encompassing such essential elements as reading and understanding the ocean, evaluating other surfers in the lineup, the principles of body mechanics, the economy of motion, or the finer points surf and blue mind psychology. Some even consider his teachings to be a life-changing experience. But most of all, a day with Sean is always pure fun!

Sean specializes in empowering those who have unique concerns in the water — instilling confidence for first-timers, helping students overcome mental or emotional challenges, and even helping those conquering physical limitations. His experience and confidence in the ocean is evident in the first few minutes. Sean has a talent for giving that timid beginner a new-found confidence in the water — as well as energizing the advanced surfer searching for the missing technique to capture a competitive edge.