Matt Kato Waikiki Surf Instructor

Matt was born and raised on Oahu and grew up on the east side in Kaneohe.  Since he was a little grommet, he’s been involved in many ocean activities including surfing, bodyboarding, stand up paddling and diving, and has been a surf instructor for over ten years.  He loves teaching kids how to surf and it’s mutual… because kids love working with Matt!  He jumps at the opportunity to work with the Make A Wish Foundation and has taught many kids from this program over the years.  He always has an encouraging and positive attitude.  Students have an easy time understanding Matt’s instructions because he has lots of patience while helping them to understand the ocean and how best to ride the waves.

When Matt isn’t in the water he enjoys playing the drums.  He is in a local rock band called Kings of Spade who have opened for world famous bands such as Bon Jovi, Def Tones, Kings X, and Pepper to name a few.  He currently travels to the mainland quite frequently to play shows with legendary rock band Kings X when they’re on tour.