By Ohana Surf Project

We understand that the reef can be intimidating and knowing the layout of a surfing area including its reefs and channels can be the difference between fun and fear.

There are pros and cons to each surf break and counterintuitively, the reef, despite the intimidation factor, is one of the reasons that makes where we surf so safe. Unlike sandy beach breaks where the waves have a lot of downward pressure that can cause compression injuries, our reef breaks produce gentle waves that have very little downward pressure. Because of this, we don’t experience the more serious types of injuries that occur at beach breaks. The unique set up and reef breaks create the easy, long, gentle, rolling waves that the south shore of Oahu is famous for and that are perfect for learning and teaching surfing.
Our instructors are carefully trained to manage them and to maximize the safe and fun aspects and minimize the fearful ones. The ocean, the reefs, and the surf should be respected and so we teach safe surfing practices, from the proper warm up, to safe paddling, all the way to the proper and safe way to end the ride even if that includes falling. We pride ourselves on taking extra measures to keep our students as safe as possible so they can be as successful as possible.