By Ohana Surf Project

Yes, young children under 13 can certainly take a surfing lesson, we do require that they take a private lesson (one on one) or a family package with the mom and/or dad. For safety reasons only students 13 years and older may join our Open Group Lesson. The family package was designed to be more affordable for families with young children while still maintaining the highest level of safety. The family package does require that mom and/or dad accompany the young kid(s) in the water. If you feel your child will need to be on the surfboard with the instructor (aka tandem surf lesson) then you will need to sign them up for a private lesson. Often children 2-6 years old feel most comfortable doing a tandem lesson for the first time. We leave this call up to the parents and the child. The youngest we have taken out on a family package is 4 years old, but that is uncommon. In order to take a Family Package, children must feel comfortable enough to go on their own surfboard.