To start off your lesson, we come pick you up!
Our knowledgeable staff will meet you at one of our convenient hotel pick-up locations.

You’ll be stoked to ride in our air-conditioned and clean, easy-to-spot, white shuttle with our logo on the side. After our friendly staff introduce themselves, we will shuttle you to one of Waikiki’s best surfing spots located just outside of the foot traffic.

Once by the ocean, you will meet your instructor and talk about your previous experience, swimming strength or any other concerns or conditions. We show your our safety presentation so you know what to expect when you are out in the water. We gear you up and have you walk your high quality lesson boards to the beach.  We then demonstrate on land what you have learned and how to get up on the board. When you’re comfortable and ready, we leash ourselves to the board and into the water we go! 


Out in the water, it is time to catch some waves! Our instructors will be there to coach and guide you b
oth before and after each wave so you can improve with each wave.

After the lesson, retreat to the shade of our on-site tent to relax, hang with our instructors, or enjoy the perspective of watching the waves you have just been riding! You can check out photographs, videos, the work of our cameraman or buy some merch for yourself or friends. Then after your purchases are made, we drive you back to our convenient drop off locations.