Nick Steinemann Waikiki Surf Instructor

Nick is a recent college graduate from California Polytechnic University where he studied biology. He began surfing at the age of 8 when he moved from Manhattan, New York to Oahu. Nick has lived most of his life over on the east side of the island in Kailua, where he taught himself how to surf on a shortboard at Kalama shorebreak.

Nick got his start teaching surfing at 16 under the mentorship of his idol the legendary surfer Dane Kealoha. Over the years he has worked for many non-profit surfing organizations such as Surf to Serve and Access Surf, that help people with various disabilities or life circumstances enjoy the feeling of surfing.  He believes this is a great way to share his love for the sport with others.

When Nick isn’t working you’ll often find him tandem surfing with dogs or lady friends.