Nick Morelli Waikiki Surf Instructor

Nick has been surfing for most of his life, starting the pursuit of his passion at age seven in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. After a childhood spent between Oregon and North Carolina, Nick felt the ocean calling him. His answer was to follow the surf, say goodbye to family and friends, and move his life out to Hawaii — a decision he has never regretted. Nick recently earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at University of Hawaii at Manoa, providing his robust business acumen to Team Ohana. When he’s not surfing, you’ll find Nick playing his guitar, riding the asphalt wave on his skateboard, or in the kitchen cooking.

Nick feels fortunate for the opportunity to share his surfing passions and talents with the world. His philosophy of never limiting himself has rewarded him with a collection of experiences and opportunities. His ultimate goal is to show people that there are truly no bounds on what they can learn and how well they can develop their abilities. He’s a firm believer that the individuals can do whatever they put their minds to — and he consistently practices that belief in both sides of his life — both the professional and the personal.